joe indusi

research2video, llc

My interest in qualitative market research video started when I was asked to produce an ethnographic video project to "get into the minds" of a consumer segment.  The goal was to create mini documentary videos about our subjects.  Little did I know, but it would open me up to a world of market research that was developing at that time.  Over the years that followed, I found myself creating unique video systems for all the modalities of consumer research. Demand grew and I formed a collective of talented video professionals, both in the U.S. and abroad, to support multiple projects, all trained on my systems and protocols.  My resume grew with projects from the top companies in the world, in all categories, from finance to fashion.

We are currently experiencing a trend where the industry is requesting video deliverables more often than not - as it should be.  High quality video content makes a presentation come alive, both entertaining and revealing.  I think of each research project as a story waiting to be discovered, and the end client as our audience.  Some stories may be qualitative and full of consumer opinions in the form of focus group interviews, in-homes and shopping excursions, while other stories may be technical, such as the UX testing of a new app or website.  They all have story arcs that need to be told in highest quality HD and shared with team members through live streaming, video archive, and edited presentation.  

I would be pleased to participate by providing worry-free video for your next project.  My team and I are eager to provide our expertise and targeted video systems that have been crafted specifically to the research industry.  Please take a look at my portfolio of services and enjoy the slideshow presentation.


The first step is to contact me with a description of your project with emphasis on the type of research and video deliverable needed.   Whether it is a concise usability website test with eye tracking and live streaming, or an expansive multi-city international segmentation study that includes in-store excursions and video blogs... let me coordinate and implement your video deliverables. 

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