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Safety  Protocols

Steps implemented to protect onsite team and clients

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All onsite techs are provided a PPE safety kit that is used for all indoor tech activities. This kit is located in all R2V gear cases and includes: 

  • Provided KN95 masks (no cloth masks) to be worn indoors at all times.  This includes setups and breakdowns, hallways, entering buildings, etc.  High tech black mask blends well into corporate and studio environments. 

  • Hand sanitizer to be used before and after touching tech gear.

  • Santizing wipes for gear and furniture.

  • Santizing wipes designed for computer and device screens, keyboards and touchpads.   

  • Electronic forehead thermometer included if facility/studio does not have one. 

  • Completed daily declaration of health status form to be shown if requested by onsite team members / clients (details on next page.)

Social Distancing / Applied Protocols

  • Techs must wash hands with soap and water between recording sessions.

  • Techs must wipe down equipment and tables with sanitizing wipes. including laptop and device screens, buttons and keyboards, tables and chair arm rests. 

  • Techs are instructed to keep social distancing. 

  • Techs control systems remotely where possible.

  • New systems are controlled remotely in separate space from the main session room in accordance with social distancing. 

  • UV sanitizing between sessions for complete virus protection using UV light wands are used for certain locations and testing conditions (i.e. testing toothpaste in sink booths.)


Rethinking the workflow in the age of Covid-19

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