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User Experience captured with multi window views using proprietary UX Testing Stations

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  • User Experience captured with multi window views using exclusive UX Testing Stations®

  • Pop-Up locations, home, facility, or anyplace

  • Multi window views for dynamic testing of mobile device apps, websites, prototypes, game systems, VR headsets

  • Developed with UX Capture Systems®

  • Balanced sleds to track finger movements 

  • Feather-weight sleds can be picked up for natural mobile device use

  • Live Streaming included

  • Full HD picture and sound

  • Portable UX Testing Stations® available in major market cities for immediate booking.

  • Easily shipped for off-market locations for local techs in those areas

  • Over 20 UX Testing Stations® permanently onsite in different cities for immediate use

  • Experienced local onsite techs and offsite support

Rethinking the workflow in the age of Covid-19

Popular configurations

  • Live apps and sites

  • Prototypes on Invision, Origami, standalone design tools, etc.

  • VR gaming systems

  • Gaming industry

  • Paper mockups and stimuli

  • Packaging designs

  • Pair with eyetracking and biometrics

  • Pair with Pop-Up-Research




Talk / Text : 1 (844) 515-8974


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